Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

Colour: Orange / White or Gold.                   Sometimes Blue

Chakra: Sacral Chakra

Season: Spring

Healing: Brings Clarity, Decision and peace. Helps those who wish to create. 

I began my journey of consciously connecting with angels around 6 years ago. The first angel that I really had an awareness of, was the beautiful presence and glorious energy of Archangel Gabriel.

Now after many years, Gabriel feels like an old friend. When I first consciously felt his presence and wonderful energy, it felt like a tingly feeling all down my back. I felt the pillar of energy build up behind my right shoulder and it made me shudder and tickly in a comforting way. I knew when I called on Gabriel that he was close by and listening.  I don’t feel this as intensely now as his energy is more attuned into mine after connecting with him so often. Gabriel’s energy is kind, comforting and very gentle.

I notice Gabriel’s energy at it’s most vibrant in the Spring time. In the creation of nature and growth of all new life.  I associate the delicate primrose that blooms in the Spring time with Gabriel’s presence and loving energy. The area of the body that Gabriel governs is the sacral chakra, our own creative centre.  I also feel his energy at Christmas time, when in some cultures the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated.

You can call on this wonderful Archangel when you  lack clarity in your life, assistance with when you need to be decisive. Gabriel will often connect with those on their spiritual journey and offer guidance. Gabriel can assist those who wish to create something new, an idea or a new way of life. During a healing session Gabriel will often guide me to where the healing energy is needed most. His energy feels innocent, almost childlike, yet extremely wise. Gabriel is known to often connect with teacher’s or those who work with children, and guide them on their teaching journey.

To connect with Gabriel, centre yourself, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and call on this angel 3 times. Archangel Gabriel is more than willing to help and connect in with anyone who asks for his assistance. Thank Gabriel for his assistance.

Blessed be.

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